Aliki Photography | Newborn Sessions

The best time to photograph your newborn is between 5-10 days of age while they are still in the "sleepy and curly" stage. It is recommended that you book your session during your 5th or 6th month of pregnancy to ensure availability and allow time for the planning of your session.




Duration: Newborn sessions last between 2-4 hours depending on each individual baby and the mood they are in at the time of the session. I like to photograph babies in the morning when they tend to be in a better mood, and ideally about half an hour after feeding. I allow plenty of time for feeding and making the baby comfortable during the session.  We want the baby to be happy. 



Feeding/Nursing: It is best to feed or nurse your baby 30 minutes prior to your session. A full baby is a sleepy baby. If at all possible try to keep your newborn stimulated a couples of hours prior to our 

session so he/she will be ready to fall asleep in a cuddle and warm blanket. I like to start the sessions with the baby sleeping and finishing off with capturing the baby awake. 

What should the baby wear? Nothing over the head; zip-up or snap-up onesie/sleeper. 


Location: It is your choice. You can choose to have your session in the studio or at your home. If you are unsure which option is better for you, please feel free to give me a call and we can talk about this.  Usually sessions outside the studio require more time to allow for setup and takedown but can include pictures in the baby's room and/or other places around your house. 


What to bring: Pacifier, extra bottles, diapers, and extra clothing for the baby and yourself. Yes… most likelythe baby will pee or poo at least once. Its just a matter of when. Bring anything that you think your baby will need for four hours.






Props: I mostly photograph newborns naked or in unique wraps so no need to worry about outfits. I have a variety of props (wraps, headbands, knit hats, etc) but I strongly encourage you to bring any personal items that you wish to include in the session. Please let me know if you plan to bring a prop and I will do my best to coordinate it with my backgrounds. 


Mommy, daddy, and siblings: Siblings are welcome to have a few shots with baby (as well as a family shot) but it is recommended that young siblings only stay for a short amount of time. lt is important that we have a calm and relaxing environment for the baby. 



If you are planning to include younger siblings it is best to make them feel comfortable around the baby a few days prior to your session. Clothing for parents and siblings should be simple and in solid colors. Make-up and hairstyling for mothers is available upon request for an additional charge.  

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