Aliki Photography | Maternity Sessions



Pregnancy is a life changing experience and maternity portraits are a wonderful way to cherish this very important time of your life! 




When should I schedule my maternity session? 

The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around 28-34 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. However, some women carry small and may choose to wait until they are 36-38 weeks. You want to come when you feel good, have a nice belly but before it all comes down! You should come when you feel nice and comfortable. It is best to schedule at least 1-2 weeks in advance. 








Where will the session take place? 

I am a huge fan of the outdoors and natural light. For me, there is  no better background than the Alaskan outdoors. However, there are some maternity poses that are best suited for the studio and we can never count on the weather. I would love to hear your ideas, and brainstorm together! You can choose from a studio, home, or location session. 



What should I wear? 

The most important thing is that you wear what YOU are comfortable in. Long, flowy dresses, jeans and tank tops, stretch pants and tee shirts, all look great. Pick clothing reflects your style and avoid patterns that distract from your belly. All portraits are respectfully photographed in good taste, and nudity is always optional and discreet. The ideas is to create classic portraits that will last for a lifetime. Makeup and hairstyling are available for an additional charge. 



Gender Reveal

In case you have missed this trend, gender reveals are a popular way for expecting parents to share with family and friends the gender of their new one on the way. Balloons, signs, cakes, paint, ribbons, anything you can think of - I will try it. The session lasts about 1 hour and includes some portraits of the expecting parents without the props. 


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